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Matt’s 3.6 pound Brown Trout

Matt’s 3.6 pound Brown Trout

Brendon’s catch All fish caught in the last 2 weeks.

Tailors Bay 4lb Browny

4lb 58cm Brown caught on CD-5 Brown Trout Rapala

50cm 3lb and 55cm 4.1lb Brownies

50cm 3lb, and 55cm 4.1lb Browns caught on Green Rebel Frog

1.5lb Rainbow caught trolling Eucumbene arm of lake

1.5lb Rainbow caught trolling in my kayak on a Brown Trout X-R6 X-Rap Rapala

Ecumbene River 4.2lb Browny

4.2lb 55cm Brown caught in Eucumbene River on Green Rebel Frog

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