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18th October 2013

Fishing on the lake is pretty tough for this time of year. There have been a few good reports for those prepared to put in the hard work. Generally the best fishing has been early morning, 5.45am to 8am.

Floating couta mudeyes has been consistent, but you have to get them down to about 2.5 to 3 metres. Spider mudeyes floated of the bottom with about a 60cm leader are working.

Spiders are the natural mudeye in the lake, but this time of year they are not swimming. Trout are pulling them off the weed so you need to float them just above the weed beds.

Scrub worms and bardy grubs are catching fish off the bottom. One trick is to berley up with chopped up worms or grubs mixed with corn.

Putty baits have been a bit slow but some rainbows and the odd brown are getting caught.

Yabbies are a bait a lot of people don’t use. A small yabby 25-40cm under a float can work well. Also if you can find an area with a clear bottom a yabby on a running sinker can be deadly.

There have been some interesting reports of people doing well on lures around the lake edge. Generally dawn and dusk is the best with Tassie and blades. One chap I bumped into had a bag of fish caught on Rapalas in the middle of the day. If the wind gets up try casting a few lures.

Fly fishing reports have been a bit thin. Polaroiding on the still days with nymphs is getting a few fish. Some nice browns are plucking bugs off the surface so a dry is worth a try.

There haven’t been many fish rising on dark so fishing blind with a large wet is probably your best chance. Hopefully with a few warm days the midges might appear and stir things up.

Happy fishing

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